Quick Look

The Group provides a complete range of property investment and development services. Extensive experience in the design and build of new property’s and the refurbishment and upgrading of existing property’s provides A.I with an impressive property portfolio and the means to resolve any property concerns.

Sustainable Construction

Meet present day needs for housing and infrastructure without compromising the ability of future generations.

Design & Build Package

Method that is gaining popularity, as it can provide significant cost and time savings for owners.

Building Renovation

We believe each building renovation project must be planned and executed carefully.


Who We Are

A.I Property Group is a real estate investment and development company focused on the strategic acquisition and re-positioning of commercial, residential, industrial and retail assets across the UK.

Remarkable Experience

Long-standing relationships with respected clients and fellow developers which provides an extensive knowledge base and over-all value.

Quick Support

Providing prompt and fast support for all our clients. Under pressure we remain calm and cool, giving our clients peace of mind.


Why Choose Us

Our portfolio features projects of all sizes and levels — from intricate interior renovations to some of the most complex rental conversion developments in the country; we can build it all — and we do.



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